BETTER TAKE NOTES: TOP Five Life Lessons From Cristiano Ronaldo 

BETTER TAKE NOTES: TOP Five Life Lessons From Cristiano Ronaldo 

The name “Cristiano Ronaldo” speaks itself. Apart from being the best player in the world, Ronaldo is a perfect role-model for his fans all over the globe. With millions of people dreaming about touching the superstar in their wildest dreams; down is five most important life lessons Ronaldo has taught us. 

5. Talent is nothing without hard work

Great things never happen overnight. The Portuguese captain has shown a vast amount of determination to get to the place where he is. “With a combination of dedication and hard work, things come naturally”, he says. Ronaldo practices for four hours daily to improve personal skills after team training. 

Lesson 1: Success is not hard to come by if we work hard and sacrifice enough to achieve it. 

4. The never-give-up attitude

“The great thing about him, is that he will not quit.” Said George Best. Imagine how hard it might have been for him to see Messi winning four Ballon d’Ors in succession. Yet, he never thought of giving up on his dream to be the best. Watch him receiving his second Ballon d’Or; his tears will tell you everything. 

Lesson 2: Never give up and stand tall in our darkest times.  

3. The kind nature

“I never ignore a photo or an autograph because once I was also a football fan.” It is always the greatest gesture to treat your fervent admirers with equal respect. There have been many instances when fans have invaded the pitch just to get his hug. Ronaldo has always respected their wishes and escorted them with grace to the sidelines. 

Lesson 3: Even after we fulfill our dreams, we must not forget to help the needy.

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