Top 4 Manchester United News – Jose Mourinho Is Now Targeting Four Real Madrid Players In the Summer

Top 4 Manchester United News – Jose Mourinho Is Now Targeting Four Real Madrid Players In the Summer

Marcelo silences Ronaldo’s transfer saga amid Manchester United interest; while Phil Neville slams two Manchester United defenders following Newcastle United defeat.

4. Jose Mourinho is not a good fit for Manchester United – Joey Barton

Former Manchester City and England midfielder Joey Barton has said that former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is not a good fit for Manchester United.

United have lost five Premier League games so far this season following their 1-0 defeat to Newcastle United on Sunday.

The Red Devils are the second in the league table with only two points clear of third-placed Liverpool.

“I don’t think he [Mourinho] is the fit for them. Every time there is a negative performance, a negative result, the fans [say] ‘this isn’t the United way, we don’t play like this, he is not our kind of manager’,” Barton told talkSPORT.

“I don’t think he has done anything to endear himself to the Man United faithful. I don’t think he is a perfect fit. Ed Woodward is a space cade. The fact he has got himself involved in a Dutch auction and given [Alexis] Sanchez the money he has given Sanchez and I think they pay over the top all the time for players all the time.”

“When David Gill and that regime was there, the attraction of playing for Man United was the big thing, whereas now they are just outspending. They are like Michael Carroll and the Lotto louts, outspending everybody. If they don’t sort it out quickly it is going to end up in tears for them because they are they are so far behind the team on the opposite side of the city.”

3. Marcelo silences Ronaldo’s transfer saga amid Man United interest

Real Madrid left-back Marcelo has played down speculation that his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo is considering to leave the club in the summer.

It was understood that former Manchester United attacker is still upset by allegations of tax evasion in Spain.

With speculation over the 32-year-old’s future has grown in recent months, it was said that Ronaldo is linked with the Old Trafford return.

“I don’t think there is any truth to that, as if he was unhappy then he wouldn’t be here,” he told Esporte Interativo.

“He does everything to help the team. He’s a mature guy, who has a very strong squad around him at Real Madrid. I don’t think he’s unhappy.”

“The world knows what he is capable of doing, just look at his history with the club. I don’t think he can be dissatisfied.”

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