MEMES: TOP Five Memes Featuring Lionel Messi

MEMES: TOP Five Memes Featuring Lionel Messi

Memes might seem like a simple thing to some, but for some others, it is a way of life. Basically, a meme is something used to make people laugh; so its reach is far and wide and can be used for just about anything: and that includes football. Let’s look at some that feature Lionel Messi; one of the best footballers on earth.

5. Italian Messi  

If you have been on the internet, then you are most likely to be aware of the ‘How Italians’ meme template. It is simply a template where a picture of the tip of the five fingers of the right hand is brought together then uploaded with a caption suited to the content of the picture.

Messi with a pose like this? It can’t miss such a glorious meme-making chance.

4. Clothesline

Lionel Messi and the Clasicos is a love affair that is almost as good as his and his wife, Antonella’s. With 25 goals in the clashes, he is the top scorer of the much-heated encounter. This meme came after; Messi scored and ran off to celebrate by taking off his shirt and showing his name on its back to the crowd at the Bernabeu.

3. He scores many goals

Some things in life are constant: Death, taxes, lying politicians, and Lionel Messi scoring; and not necessarily just the one in one game. The structure of this meme is based purely on his ability to find the net multiple times in the same game which is a sight of astonishment.

2. They don’t retire

One of the things about the Argentina captain is that despite being a phenomenon, he is still not regarded as the greatest player ever by some section of the football fraternity. The reason? His failures with Argentina.

Then when Lionel Messi failed to win a final for the third time in a row with Argentina in the 2016 Copa America; and that, too, after missing a penalty in the shootout; he immediately decided to quit international football. It was only after a lot of convincing did he retract his retirement decision.

1. Man of the match

The Argentine’s ability to dazzle viewers and bamboozle defenders has always left the mere mortals wondering as to how all that is even possible.

However, there are often matches where he doesn’t really play to the best of his powers and, hence, doesn’t deserve the man of the match award. And, yet, he goes away with the award. In most cases anyway.

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