UPS AND DOWNS: 5 Biggest Losses Of Michael Jordan’s Career

UPS AND DOWNS: 5 Biggest Losses Of Michael Jordan’s Career

Michael Jordan is probably the best basketball player in the history. Before retiring to become the richest athlete in the entire world, Jordan excelled both individually and as a team player. He made the Bulls known around the world and of course, he holds the Bulls’ records in almost all the categories. MJ won six championships with the Bulls, six NBA Final MVPs, five regular seasons MVP, and two Olympic gold medals. But despite all the achievements, Michale Jordan had some bad days on the court like other famous players. Here are the 5 biggest losses of Michael Jordan’s career.

Cleveland Cavaliers 114-84 Chicago Bulls: 23 January 1987

During the 1986-87 season, Chicago Bulls played two consecutive games against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls comfortably won the first game on 23 January 1987. But they suffered the worst loss, 114-84, the following day when they visited the Cavaliers the following day. Jordan posted 27 points but couldn’t rescue his side from the loss.

4. Boston Celtics 137-107 Chicago Bulls: 20th March 1988

The 1987-88 season was amazing for Michael Jordan. He averaged 35 points to grab his first NBA Most Valuable Player of his illustrious career. Michael embarrassed the Celtics with a 50-point-game at home on 18th March 1988. But on his return to the Celtics’ on 20th March 1988, were routed 137-107 in a high scoring game.

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3. Atlanta Hawks 125-95 Chicago Bulls: 25th February 1989

This is one of the games which Michael Jordan would like to forget for his individual performance. Atlanta were leading by just five points (60-55) at half-time which was extended to a 23 points lead in the third quarter (94-71). The Bulls could not recover from this as Dominique Wilkins and Reggie Theus added 20 points and 18 points respectively. Jordan finished as a leading scorer of his side, with only 18 points.

2. New York Knicks 104-72 Chicago Bulls: 10th March 1996

The Bulls were having a great season with a record of 54-7 before getting to this forgettable day at the Knicks’. On the other hand, New York Knicks were having a fairly poor season (35-26) but it did not stop them from enjoying a win over the Bulls. Though Michael Jordan was the leading scorer on the day with 32 points, his side suffered a 104-72 loss. Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr, actual Warriors head coach, were the only other Bulls to get double-figure points with 11 and 10 respectively.

1. New York Knicks112-75 Chicago Bulls: 28th November 1992

Michael Jordan picked up a leg injury early in the game and went out to come back in the second half of the game. New York Knicks were a better team as they went on to shape up the worst loss in Michael Jordan’s career. A scoreline that read 112-75 is not something MJ would like to remember in his career. Michael managed to score 17 points only.

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