Top 4 La Liga News: NEW- Ronaldo WARN Neymar PSG after Hat-trick in La Liga

Top 4 La Liga News: NEW- Ronaldo WARN Neymar PSG after Hat-trick in La Liga

Cristiano Ronaldo has sent a warning shot to Wednesday UEFA Champions League opponents Paris Saint-Germain. Unai Emery has said PSG is ready to face defending Champions Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu this Wednesday. Marcelo Vieira believes Neymar will join the La Liga giants in the near future.

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4. PSG is ready for Madrid challenge says, Unai Emery

Paris Saint-Germain Coach Unai Emery has said his team is ready to face UEFA Champions League defending Champions Real Madrid at their home turf on Wednesday. The two giants will face off in the first leg at Santiago Bernabeu but the results will be key for both sides going to Paris in two weeks time.

“I think we played the kind of game we had to, but it’s true it will be different on Wednesday,” he said.

“It will be different when it comes to expectations, and the kind of game we will play. But I think that the team is ready.

“We built up our confidence further. It’s important to keep our level up in Ligue 1 and before our Champions League game.”

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3. ‘The Best days are still ahead of me’- Ronaldo says as he turns 33

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo turned 33 years last week on February 5th but he says the best is ahead of him. The Portuguese has lifted five Ballon d’Or awards, four UEFA Champions League crowns, and League titles among other trophies in his career. He won everything at Manchester United in six successful years before switching to Madrid in 2009. He says he can play at the highest level for years to come.

“On a personal level, this is a fantastic time for me. I have a growing family and I am very happy with my life.

“On a professional level, I have had two very good years in which I have won titles with my club and with my national team. I feel that I can keep going at the highest level for years to come.”

“Life is a challenge from all perspectives and I try to be at my peak, physically, because this is very important in my profession,” he said. “I have to be at 100 percent and I take this very seriously.

“To maintain this level, you need to make sacrifices. There are certain things that I could do when I was 20 that I can’t do today. You have to try and find a balance. It’s the finer details that make a difference.

“I am ambitious, very ambitious. People should chase their dreams. I chased mine and I want to keep doing so, to improve and achieve even more goals. I believe I’ve had some memorable performances throughout my career but can’t recall any in particular. I try to focus myself more on the present than on the past.”

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