WENGER EXPOSE: Top 6 Well Guarded SECRETS about Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger

WENGER EXPOSE: Top 6 Well Guarded SECRETS about Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger

3. Arsenal worst defeat was during Wenger reign as manager


2011 will go down in history as one of the worst years in both Arsene Wenger coaching career and also Arsenal recent history. It all started with a 2-1 lose to relegation-threatened Birmingham City in League Cup final in February that year. Arsenal had gone for six years without a single title a Carling Cup final against a struggling bottom side was a perfect opportunity for the gunners to bounce back. This was not to be the case, Obafemi Martins goal in 89th minute stole the trophy for City and Wenger team was doomed.

In August the same year, Arsenal visit to Old Trafford became catastrophic after losing 8-2 against a merciless Manchester United. The demolition went down as the lowest point Arsenal and Wenger has ever been in the history of the club

2. Wenger is from another planet


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has an asteroid named after him. Astronomer Ian Griffin, a big Gunners fan decided to name an asteroid he discovered in 1998 after the manager of his favorite team.

“On November 21st, 2007, the International Astronomical Union announced that an asteroid discovered when working as an astronomer back in 1998 (previously known as 33179) had been officially named in honor of Arsene Wenger, the manager of my favorite football team, Arsenal,” Griffin explained.

1. Wenger was once a heavy smoker


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has faced serious problems with players specifically when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Jack Wilshere and keeper Wojciech Szczesny have been fined for smoking recently. The interesting thing is that Wenger himself grew up smoking as he explains“I grew up in a pub,” he said.

“You could not see to the window because of the smoke and I spent my youth selling cigarettes” he revealed.

“I have grown up in a period when I had to accomplish military service. At the end of the month, we got paid by cigarettes. It incited us to smoke. When I was a young boy I grew up surrounded by smokers and I smoked myself when I became a young coach.

“The other day on French television they showed me on the bench smoking a cigarette. I didn’t even think it was me” he continued. This, therefore, means that the young players may also need time to quit their behaviors too, they might have someone to blame at Emirates.

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