REAL WINNERS- Top 5 Most DECORATED Clubs in United Kingdom Today

REAL WINNERS- Top 5 Most DECORATED Clubs in United Kingdom Today

English football has a new king. The newly crowned side has taken over from the long-serving old Merseyside monarch. The long wait is over for the new master. The fans can now go out in the streets around the World and celebrate. Hail the new king. The beautiful game has a new order when it comes to the most decorated clubs in England.

Take a closer look at the top five;

5. Aston Villa-20 trophies


Aston Villa is no longer a force they once were in English football. They were relegated in 2015/16 season and their troubles continue in the Championship. They are 3rd   in the Championship table so far this season. This is a clear indication that they might get back to the Premier League next season.

However, they have a rich history. They were once the top dogs and the evidence is there for all to see. They have a total of 20 major trophies in total to take position five in the country history. The trophies include 7 Premier League titles, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and 1 European Cup.

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4. Chelsea-22 trophies


Premier League defending Champions lifted their 6th League title last season. The trophy pushed their all-time tally to 22. The Blues success story started when the Russian owner Roman Abramovich bought the Club in 2004. He invested a lot of money in the squad and trophies followed. They have won five league titles ever since among other trophies. In total, the Stamford Bridge side has lifted 6 EPL titles, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, 1 European Cup, and 3 other European honors.

3. Arsenal- 30 trophies


Arsenal has gone through one of the toughest spells in their history since 2004. They have not lifted the League title for 13 years now. Arsene Wenger has managed to win the FA Cup 13 times but the fans want more. The Gunners thrashed  Chelsea 2-1 in FA Cup final at Wembley last summer to go one better than Manchester United.

The Emirates side has failed to lift a single European Cup despite enjoying a lot of success domestically. They reached the final in 2006 but Barcelona led by Ronaldinho was too good for them. They have not come close ever since. The North London side still keep position three in the list of five most successful English teams in history. They have lifted a total of 29 major trophies, they include; 13 EPL titles, 13 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, and 2 other European honors.

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