LAZY TALENT: Top 7 LAZIEST footballers playing in Europe Today

LAZY TALENT: Top 7 LAZIEST footballers playing in Europe Today

Football is a team game and every player must play their part for the team to succeed. However, many times we are faced with players who want to do very little or nothing at all on the pitch. The saddest thing is that many of these players are immensely talented. Today we have compiled a list of World laziest players in the game today.

Talent without hard work is useless, a scholar said and that is what we are about to understand in today topic;

7. Mario Balotelli- Nice


Italian Striker Mario Balotelli switched to Ligue 1 side Nice in 2016 after two poor spells with Liverpool and AC Milan. He is currently doing very well in the French League so far. This might be his very last chance to re-discover his career.

The only problem the former Manchester City striker has is that he plays how he wants. It depends on how he wakes up. Sometimes his talent will blow you away but many times he doesn’t care that much about what is going on around him. Coaches have complained about his fitness levels and of course off-pitch shenanigans. He is a very talented player capable of beating the best in the World but his attitude and character almost ended his career.

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6. Emmanuel Adebayor- İstanbul Başakşehir

We all know why Manchester City, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur dropped him. He only works hard in the first season. Once he gets a long-term contract, he doesn’t bother anymore. He did it at City and Spurs and at Madrid even though he scored 8 goals in 22 appearances. Mourinho opted against offering him a permanent deal.

The 33-year-old former Togolese International got a lifeline in January 2017 when İstanbul Başakşehir offered him another chance. This season he has actually scored 9 goals in 18 appearances. However, once he gets a long-term deal, the problem will resume.

5. Memphis Depay- Lyon


He is very talented that’s a fact, powerful and muscular, we all agree. He can score goals which are great not forgetting he is also a specialist in dead ball situation. I can go on and on, but what is clear is that he has the required qualities to succeed.

However, he is missing one important thing, hard work. To realize your dream you must go the extra mile. The work rate has to be better than your opponent. He may have won Holland Young Player of the Year, but Memphis needs to change his attitude to build his career again.

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