UPS AND DOWNS: Top 5 Worst Losses In LeBron James’ Career

UPS AND DOWNS: Top 5 Worst Losses In LeBron James’ Career

Sports fans know the absolute mess in which Chelsea and Real Madrid are in today. The same thing is happening in the Cleveland Cavaliers who have lost more than 20 games this season so far! Despite having the best basketball player in the world, the Cavs are now in trouble and a fix does not seem to be around the corner. They have lost some games with a gap of 20+ and 30+ points this season so far. The King may have reigned supreme over the NBA for the last decade, but he’s had his fair share of humbling defeats. Here are the worst losses in LeBron James’ career.

5. Toronto Raptors 133-99 Cleveland Cavaliers – 11 January 2018

The Raptors had been under the Cavs’ shoulders over the past years. But 2018 seems to be a different chapter as Toronto have totally improved. While LeBron scored 26 points, the rest of the team did next to nothing. Isaiah Thomas shot only 2 of his 15 attempts and J.R. Smith didn’t score a point in 27 minutes, leading the Cavs to a ridiculous loss of 133-99. Not only did they smash the Cavaliers last month, but they destroyed Boston Celtics last Tuesday.

4. Golden State Warriors 132-98 Cleveland Cavaliers – 18 January 2016

Before this game, Stephen Curry had said that the away locker room smelled like a champagne! He then went on to destroy the Cleveland with 35 points in 3 quarters. Andre Iguodala added 20 off the bench to offer the Cavs a complete flop show. Irving and Love combined for 11 points and James only had 16. James got his revenge when they got to the Finals with an unforgettable comeback.

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3. Golden State Warriors 126-91 Cleveland Cavaliers – 16 January 2017

The Warriors have smashed the Cavaliers more than once in past three years.This time, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving shot poorly, combining 12 turnovers and 37 points. Golden State meanwhile got 26 points from Thompson, taking LeBron to his worst loss since his return at the time. There was no revenge this time around for LeBron as the Warriors promptly beat them up in the Finals to win in five games.

2. San Antonio Spurs 113-77 Miami Heat – 11 June 2013

We still don’t understand why the Spurs lost this series! With the Finals tied at 1-1, the Spurs smashed the Heat in Game 3, seemingly taking control of the series. San Antonio set the then record for most threes in a Finals game with 16. LeBron James missed 11 of his first 13 shots, bothered by Kawhi Leonard’s defense. This remains the third largest margin of victory in an NBA Finals game.

1. Washington Wizards 108-72 Cleveland Cavaliers – 24 April 2008

The worst defeat in LeBron James’ career came in the first round of the 2008 NBA playoffs. Even though the Cavaliers were comfortably leading 2-0 in the series, Wizards turned their heads back in game 3. Despite King James’ 22 points, Cleveland Cavaliers had 23 turnovers, letting Washington Wizards punish them seriously. This series is often remembered for the exchange of words between James and Stevenson.

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