#FlowersOfManchester : Top 6 WORST Air Disasters in Sports History- RIP

#FlowersOfManchester : Top 6 WORST Air Disasters in Sports History- RIP

Football is the most popular sport in the entire world. The game has the biggest following in the globe. This has been the case for many years now. However, sometimes scandals and disasters can tarnish spoil the name and mood of the beautiful game. Today, as we join Manchester United family to remember those who perished on that fateful day in 1958, we take a look at some of the biggest disasters in sports history.

6. USA Figure Skating Team-1961


On 15th February 1961, 18 members of US Figure Skating team were heading to Prague to participate in World Championship.  Their plane crashed in a field in Belgium killing everybody on board. All the players were killed. It was a sad day for United States figure skating fraternity.

5. Alianza Lima Football Club- 1987


On 8th December 1987, a plane carrying players and the Coaching staff of Alianza Lima Football Club of Peru crashed. The Pacific Ocean accident killed 16 first team players and the Coach. The team had just won 1-0 in Pucallpa to move top of the table.

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4. Zambia National Team-1993


In 1993, April 27 to be precise, Zambia national team was heading to Senegal to play the hosts in a World Cup qualifier. They stopped in Libreville, the Capital of Gabon to refuel.  They were back in the air to continue with the journey only to crash in the Atlantic Ocean few miles from the Capital.

A total of eighteen players and five officials were killed. The South African nation and Africa Football was in shock. The nation lost some of the very best talents. In 2012, Zambia won Africa Cup of Nations in the same Capital Libreville. They visited the crash site to dedicate the win to the fallen heroes in a very emotional occasion.

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