CLASH OF THE TITANS: SIX Amazing Facts On Chelsea vs Barcelona

CLASH OF THE TITANS: SIX Amazing Facts On Chelsea vs Barcelona

Chelsea appears to have been delivered the trickiest task as they were drawn against the Spanish giants Barcelona. This has made us go back through the history between the two giants. Over the years, the Catalans and the Londoners have won five official meetings each and there have been five draws. Before the Champions League era, the two clubs faced each other once back in the 50s. All in all, le u take a look at the top 6 amazing facts on Chelsea vs Barcelona.

6. Fair Cup Semi-Finals (1965/66)


The two clubs only ever met before the Champions League era, with both sides winning their home leg 2-0. In those days, there was no such thing as extra time or penalties. Instead, there was a replay at the Camp Nou which the Catalans won comfortably 5-0.

5. The last time both teams met, Fabregas was a Barcelona player

Chelsea and Barcelona’s last meeting was in 2012 when the Blues their one and only Champions League title. That time, Chelsea maestro, Cesc Fabregas, was a Barcelona player. Two years later, he joined the Lond side on a five-year contract for a fee in the region of €33 million.

4. Anytime both teams meet, one team becomes the ultimate WINNER of the champions league since 2008

Barcelona’s treble-winners of 2008/09 are remembered as an unstoppable, tiki-taka juggernaut. But Chelsea gave them a real headache in the Champions League semi-final. They continued for an away win and went on to win the European title. In 2012, Chelsea revenged thanks to Fernando Tores’ amazing goal in stoppage time. Chelsea went on to win the title too.

3. Messi had NEVER scored against Chelsea 

Chelsea are the only team Lionel Messi has played more than four times in his career but NEVER scored against. Messi has featured against the west London outfit eight times in his career. However, he has never found the net against the Premier League champions. The 30-year-old has had 29 shots on goal against the club without finding the net. Thi is Messi’s worse record against Chelsea than any other team he has ever competed against.

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