SokkaaStars Fantasy Football: 5 Underperforming Superstars That Might Punish You This Weekend

SokkaaStars Fantasy Football: 5 Underperforming Superstars That Might Punish You This Weekend

Football fans across the world continue to test their managerial skills through SokkaaStars Fantasy Football game. This coming weekend is another time to show how good you are in building up a team. But there are some football stars who were underperforming in the past weeks, and choosing in your squad them leaves you doubtful. But once a soldier, always a commando as they say! They may surprise you this time with an amazing performance. Now, let’s take a look at the 5 underperforming players that might punish you this weekend.

5. Mesut Ozil

Last Wednesday Arsenal were embarrassed in front of Swansea community, losing 3-1. Well, we may blame Gunners defenders but neither were the forwards also good enough to score. But as the transfer window was ending, Wenger signed Aubameyang so as to reinforce his forward line. If he makes the list this weekend, his partnership with Ozil would be extremely good. Expect the old assist-boy this time and don’t hesitate to pick him on your SokkaaStars team.

4. Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku is one of those strikers who can surprise you anytime. But he seemed frustrated when the Spurs punished them on Wednesday. Some United fans are unhappy with the striker as the Belgian struggles in big games. But this weekend, Manchester United host Huddersfield Town and this would leave a different story to those who believe Lukaku is underperforming again.

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3. Dele Alli

Even if Tottenham beat Man United last Wednesday, Dele Alli’s performance was not as good as we used to know it. Getting a yellow card after Chopping Alex Sanchez, Alli got some praises from Arsenal fans. Normally, Alli is different from Lukaku as he shines when it comes to big games. And this weekend, Liverpool will host the Spurs which would be a show time for the English superstar. It would make sense if the English superstar makes your SokkaaStars squad this weekend as he will surely get many points.

2. Eden Hazard

Having lost 0-3 against Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fans must be the unhappiest one now! Alvaro Morata is out now, Batshuayi joined Dortmund for a loan, Willian was injured as well, and Hazard seemed toothless. But Hazard is that kind of players, capable of carrying a team on their shoulders. On Monday, Chelsea will visit Watford, and the Belgian will surely outperform as Willian is expected to be back. Including Hazard to your SokkaaStars team would be a good way to gain points this weekend.

1. Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez‘s first Premier League appearance for Manchester United ended in disappointment as the Red Devils were comprehensively beaten by Tottenham at Wembley. But this cannot be a reason for dropping him from your Sokkaastars squad this weekend. That was his first big game and he wasn’t the only one underperforming as all Red Devils were down. This weekend Sanchez needs to show Man U fans that buying him was the right choice. It’d be wise if your SokkaaStars team has the Chilean in the midfield.

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