AFRO-WORLD: 8 Famous Footballers With And Without Their Afro Hairstyle

AFRO-WORLD: 8 Famous Footballers With And Without Their Afro Hairstyle

Footballers and hairstyles always walk hand in hand. Some have the best look while others’ seem to be funny! But there are a few of football star whose hairstyles are unique for years and years. Some have got millions of fans thanks to their hairstyles! It would not be something usual to see David Luiz without his afro hairstyle. What would he look alike?! Today we will go back and take a look at 8 footballers with and without their afro hairstyle.

8. Dante Bonfim Costa Santos

People know Dante for his instantly recognizable hairstyle. He currently plays for Nice in Ligue 1. When the Afroman was still at Borussia Monchengladbach, he promised to cut off his beautiful hair if his team, Monchengladbach, don’t relegate. He was a man of his word, famously letting his teammates shave off his locks after Gladbach avoided relegation courtesy of 2-1 aggregate win over VfL Bochum 1848. “It felt great to have all my hair shaved off,” Dante told

7. Leroy Sane

From Latrell Sprewell braids to a popping afro, Leroy sane has become famous. But his love for afro must have the roots from his father who is a former Senegal international. Like his son or other footballers, Suleiman Sane had the African hairstyles and sowed this to his sons. From his young age, Leroy Sane barely shave off his hair. Take a look again at his head without the afro hairstyle.

6. Mohamed Salah

When he was still at Chelsea, Mohamed Salah was not an Afroman like he is today. If one sees today’s Salah, they would not believe it’s the same boy who was a Chelsea in 2014. After leaving the London club, the Egyptian came up with a new look and today he is among players with the afro hairstyle. The afro that Salah has during the match is even shorter compared to the one he has in real life.

5. Willian

When you talk about footballers with the afro hairstyle, Willian is probably one of the first persons to appear in one’s mind. Indeed, the Brazilian is popular for his unique hair. Chelsea superstar only loses his afro hairstyle when he swaps it with plaits. And that’s not something common for sure.

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