Top 6 Unbreakable Records In Football History

Top 6 Unbreakable Records In Football History

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi have broken many records in football. Whatever one breaks becomes the next target for the other. If Ronaldo breaks a record in football today, wait for Messi to break another tomorrow. But there are other records set by football legends that will stay for a long time. Here are six of them:

6. Alex Torr – Fastest hat-trick ever 

A Sunday league footballer scored a hat-trick in 70 seconds – which is the fastest ever recorded. it’s not even easy for players to bag three goals in the modern football game, Scoring a quick hat-trick is a rarity for every player, The fastest Premier League hat-trick was by Sadio Mané for Southampton against Aston Villa in 2 minutes 56 seconds.

5. Rogério Ceni  – World’s highest-scoring goalkeeper

Brazilian goalkeeper Ceni scored 131 goals in his career, 64 goals more than the second most goal-rich keeper in history, Jose Luis Chilavert. He spent 25 years of his career at São Paulo FC, where he won 20 major titles, including three Brazilian Leagues and two Libertadores Cup.

4. Brazil – Most Participation in FIFA world cups

Brazil appeared in 20 FIFA world cups, which is most of any team. Germany and Italy are second with 18 participations but this record seems to remain as it is because Brazil is expected to participate in all the future FIFA World Cups.

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