SIX Hottest Female Football Referees In The World

SIX Hottest Female Football Referees In The World

There are some beautiful women who made names for themselves refereeing in the world of football.

Let us take a look at the top 6 hottest Female football Referees in the world that you’ve never heard of.

 6. Aurélie Sarà Bollier – Switzerland

A beautiful creature of Mother Nature, Europes sexiest football referee, a Swiss referee Aurélie sarà Bollier is getting a lot of attention because she is a 25-year-old attractive brunette.

She has made a name for herself refereeing in amateur leagues in Switzerland.

Aurélie recently told Blick that “I will never referee a professional game”.

Sorry for all you fans out there, the only way you’ll get to see her in action is if you travel to an amateur game.

See pictures of Swiss referee Aurélie Sarà Bollier below.

5. Claudia Romani – Italy

Claudia Romani is qualified to officiate in Italy’s Serie A and B divisions.

The Italian model-turned-referee has become an Instagram hit after posting a series of selfies and bikini pictures.

The 35-year-old has hung up her heels to become a referee, something which has been high on her agenda for a number of months.

Her goal is to become the world’s most attractive referee – a title many of her followers would say she has taken already.

4. Kari Seitz – USA

American professional soccer referee Kari Seitz was born on November 2, 1970.

Seitz is widely regarded by fans and journalists as the most experienced international female referee.

She involved in four Women’s World Cup tournaments and three Olympic Games.

Kari Seitz hung up her whistle after the U.S. WNT’s 4-0 victory against Australia at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas in 2013.

In her early career, football fans were enjoying to see her on the pitch.

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