ALL-TIME RIVALS: Top 7 Greatest Rivalries In NBA History

ALL-TIME RIVALS: Top 7 Greatest Rivalries In NBA History

Over the years, we’ve seen many intense rivalries in the NBA and in many ways. Many of the rivalries on this list have gone off the boil somewhat off late, but in their heyday, they were as competitive and personal as it gets. So, here are the top 7 greatest rivalries in NBA history.

7. Cleveland Cavaliers – Golden State Warriors

The two rivals met for the 3rd straight time in the NBA Finals last year, something which had never happened before. The Rivalry does seem to be running on fumes and the end seems in sight. The Cavs are the oldest team in the league and with LeBron likely leaving town after this season, we are looking at this year’s Finals being the last hurrah.

6. San Antonio Spurs – Los Angeles Lakers

The Spurs have been a part of some terrific battles over the years during this dynastic run which has stretched over 2 decades now. From 1999-2010, the Spurs or Lakers made it the NBA Finals every year except once in 2006. While the Spurs remain title contenders to this day, the Lakers have slumped and it’s going to be a while before we see this one renewed.

5. Indiana Pacers – New York Knicks

Well, the Knicks may seem like a joke now. But they were a part of some of some great rivalries in the 90s. And their encounters with the Pacers produced many memorable moments especially involving Reggie Miller and Spike Lee. It all begun in 1993 when the Knicks easily dispatched the Pacers from the playoffs. But As is the case with every Knicks rivalry in the 90s, it’s cooled down now thanks to their incompetence.

4. Chicago Bulls – New York Knicks

No one suffered more at the hands of the Bulls and Michael Jordan than the Knicks. From 1989 to 1996 the two teams faced off 6 times in the playoffs, and the Knicks won just one series. But with new contenders rising in the East, the Knicks fell out of the picture for a while. And by 1998, the Bulls dynasty was finished and so was the rivalry.

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