Five Transfers That Definitely Won’t Happen This Year

Five Transfers That Definitely Won’t Happen This Year

2. Harry Kane to Manchester United

Daniel Levy will not sell to a Premier League club. He would rather let him go to the club that he loathes, Real Madrid, than sell him to Manchester United.

Also, United have only just spent £75 million for a striker; so spending another £200 million for a single player is not something they seem likely to do anytime in the near future.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea

He is going to be 33 in February and there is no way that LosBlancos will sell him for cheap.

Meanwhile, Chelsea aren’t actually as big a spender as some of the other clubs. The fact that Alex Sandro isn’t playing for them is a testament to that claim. So, paying around £100million for a 33-year-old is not something Roman Abramovic would do. Ever.

Further, Cristiano Ronaldo, being a Manchester United product; is very unlikely to join a club that closely rivals the club that shaped the player that he has gone on to become. Having expressed his love for United several times in the past; it is highly improbable that a player with Ronaldo’s morals would choose to move to a competitor and not back to United.


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