Five Transfers That Definitely Won’t Happen This Year

Five Transfers That Definitely Won’t Happen This Year

Here are 5 transfers rumours we’ve seen in recent times, that promise to not reach fruition.

5. Toni Kroos to Manchester United

Toni Kroos is 28-years-old and is a midfielder who sets the tempo of the game from the middle of the park. He doesn’t make driving runs and isn’t a workhorse. He simply connects the dots from the centre. Further, he is only going to begin to hit his peak over the next few years.

At 28, he is only just entering his best years and there is no way under the blue sky that Real Madrid would sell him at his peak to United. And about raising money, Real Madrid have other players for that. Besides, United are the ones that need to balance the books after the expensive forays in the last two windows—and not Real Madrid.

4. Mohamed Salah to Real Madrid

For starters, I used the term ‘once upon a time’ to describe the accuracy of Di Marzio. While he is still the unprecedented king of accurate rumours in Serie A; his performances in the ‘rest of the world’ category has been sub-par for some time now.

The Egyptian only just joined the Merseyside outfit 6 months ago and even if the move is touted to happen in the near future, it won’t—and here’s why: To sign Mohamed Salah, Real Madrid will need to spend at least the same amount of money that Barcelona spent on Philippe Coutinho.

And while Real Madrid may have the money, they would rather spend it on a striker; Harry Kane, to be precise and doing that for Salah would only just close the doors on the forward that the Blancos desperately need.

3. Mateo Kovacic to Liverpool


There is a flawed general consensus flowing around in the air of the football fraternity: that Mateo Kovacic has a £45 million release clause. While this might have been the case in 2015; when he was signed, it simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

The Galacticos have increased the release clauses of even their Castilla players to £88 million in order to keep clubs away—and Kovacic is a future star that we are talking about.

Madrid see him as a Luka Modric’s successor at the club; he has already featured heavily in the plans of Zinedine Zidane, who has played him regularly whenever deemed fit.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Kovacic will be asked to stay put at Madrid, and will, sooner or later, become a first-team regular.

Understandably, Liverpool may never get their hands on the 23-year old, let alone this year.

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