FIVE Reasons Why Gareth Bale Should Join Manchester United

FIVE Reasons Why Gareth Bale Should Join Manchester United

2. He will be a superstar at Old Trafford

Gareth Bale has made no secret of his admiration for Ryan Giggs as his idol during his formative years. Should the Welshman cone to United, he will be seen as the ultimate successor to the former Welsh wizard. He might be a one-in-a-million footballer who gets a chance to succeed his hero at a club.

Once Bale decides to join United, supporters will love him to the moon and back, should he deliver the excitement they have been deprived of since Cristiano Ronaldo. The 28-year-old will definitely be expected to take the vacant no.7 shirt, or he prefers 11.

If he performs as expected, Gareth Bale will definitely be the crowned prince of Old Trafford.

1. He needs to add Premier League title on his honors list

Bale has everything in his trophy cabinet, as he won every type of trophy on the club level with Real Madrid.

It’s so strange to see that a player who has three UEFA Champions League titles, has no Premier League medal, though he played in England for eight years.

Same is the case with the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup, which the Welshman failed to win during his stint with Tottenham.

Knowing that he has won everything there is to win in Spain, a return to England looks more appropriable decision.

Should that happen, the Welshman can definitely sit back and feel proud himself as one of the best players of his age.

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