THE INEFFECTIVE: MAIN Reasons Behind Real Madrid’s Downfall This Season

THE INEFFECTIVE: MAIN Reasons Behind Real Madrid’s Downfall This Season

After a tremendous end to the last season, Real Madrid started this season too, with a blast, winning the Spanish Super Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the first match in La Liga, in August. Thereafter, they started drawing and losing games even against the weaker sides of the league; but why?

3. Poor Transfer Window

9 players left the club this summer, out of which James Rodriguez, Pepe and Alvaro Morata were players who proved to be the most impactful players in last season’s successful campaign. Only 3 new signings were made; namely, Achraf Hakimi and Theo Hernandez (defenders), alongside Dani Ceballos (central midfielder).

Real Madrid needed a developed and experienced backup striker for Karim Benzema, and an attacking midfielder, who could cover James’s spot. But Zinedine Zidane was ostensibly confident with his squad and did not make further signings.

As a result, Real Madrid lost their squad depth, which led to them drawing games and tasting defeats.

2. ZIDANE Ineffective tactics

Every coach has a different style of managing his team. Zidane uses crossing tactics as his main weapon to win the games which did not work. One of the main reasons for this is the formation he plays, that is 4-4-2, and its flaws are

No wingers to provide crosses and long balls to the striker who can finish it. As a result, the workload on fullbacks increases from defending to providing crosses to the strikers. Players are also forced to adapt to a new position in which they are ineffective, for example, Ronaldo is played as a striker in 4-4-2, instead of in his natural position on the left wing.

Secondly, his tactical substitutions have been poor. Even after they concede a goal, or even when the gameplay is not effective, Zidane does not use his substitutes until the last 15-20 minutes are left.

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