ALL-TIME DIRTIEST- Top 5 DIRTIEST Matches in Premier League history by Points

ALL-TIME DIRTIEST- Top 5 DIRTIEST Matches in Premier League history by Points

Premier League is well known around the World when it comes to its physicality. It is one of the reasons why the fans love it. When you combine the physical approach plus end-to-end speed, the thrill just gets better. We have looked at dirtiest players before but today, we want to take a look at some of the craziest matches the League has seen over the years.

NOTE: Straight Red= 3 points, Red Card via 2 Yellows = 2 points, and Yellow Cards=1 point.

5. Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal- 14 Bad Points

On 7th November 1999, the North London derby was held at White Hart Lane and it was fire from start to finish. Tottenham Hotspurs somehow managed to beat the star-studded Arsenal side 2-1 but that is just part of the story. We all know historically this match is always expected to make headlines. On this day, the fans enjoyed it too. The referee had to send off two players, 1 on a straight red card (3 points each) and the other on a red card coming through two bookable offenses (2 points each). He also showed 9 yellow cards (1 point each).

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4. West Brom 1-1 Fulham- 14 Bad Points

On 18th September 2004, West Brom welcomed bitter midlands rival Fulham at the Hawthorns. The clash is always expected to be full of passion and energy but on this day there was more. The tie finished one all but that was not all. The referee had to produce 2 straight red cards (3 points each), 1 red card for two bookable offenses (2 points each), and 6 yellow cards (1 point each).

3. Liverpool 0-1 Everton- 14 Bad Points

On 27th September 1999, the dirtiest Merseyside Derby was played at Anfield. The historic clash is always expected to be heated but this one got out of control. The Toffees collected all three points on the day. The referee brandished 3 straight red cards (3 points each) and 5 yellow cards (1 point each) as he tried to get hold of the game.

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