GLASS LEGS: Top 7 Most INJURY Prone players in Europe today

GLASS LEGS: Top 7 Most INJURY Prone players in Europe today

3. Gareth Bale- Real Madrid

Real Madrid is just about to give up on their most expensive signing Gareth Bale because of never-ending injuries. The Wales international missed a big chunk of last season due to injuries. He left all the job to Cristiano Ronaldo and the fans were not pleased. He was injured first against Bayern Munich in UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. The winger went off injured again when it mattered most against bitter rivals Barcelona in El Clasico. The club was already contemplating selling him last summer. However, he is now fully fit and back on the pitch, the question is for how long.

2. Daniel Sturridge-Liverpool


Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has suffered so many injuries in his short career. He is a beast in front of goal when he is fit. He can score great goals. However, before you can actually enjoy his goals, he is off injured again.

Sturridge was out for months 2016 and 2017 with a thigh injury he suffered playing for England. He has also suffered calf and ankle injuries before. He once said he fears to go through what his uncles went through. His uncles were forced to end their football careers prematurely due to multiple injuries. Jurgen Klopp has now learned how to use him without risking too much and in the last one year, it is working.

1. Marco Reus- Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund winger Marco Reus is the ultimate definition of a glass body. He has suffered all types of injuries in his career. If it is not his ankle, he suffers a knee injury. At the moment he is recovering from a cruciate ligament. He recently said he will give up everything including money to stay fit.

“As top players, we earn a lot of money, but sometimes we pay a hefty price with our health. I would give away all the money to be healthy again, to be able to do my job. To do what I love: to play football.”

“To be alone, working your way back is the most demanding part. I was really fed up after three weeks. It’s a brutal mental test because you always have to work on your own.

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