GLASS LEGS: Top 7 Most INJURY Prone players in Europe today

GLASS LEGS: Top 7 Most INJURY Prone players in Europe today

Football is not really complete without red cards, yellow cards, free-kicks, penalties, offsides, and injuries. They all make the beautiful game interesting. It is normal to find a team is missing a key player in a big match through injury or suspension. However, there are some players that get injured more often than everybody else.

Today we take a look at these players;

7. Jay Rodriguez- West Brom


West Brom forward Jay Rodriguez is one of the most unlucky players in England. He never really a good run of games before he goes away injured again. He was laid off for a full year. He returned and then suffered another injury.  He recovered fully and Southampton decided enough is enough. They sold him to West Brom but now his form is not helping the Baggies.

6. Danny Welbeck- Arsenal


He ditched Manchester United to join Arsenal and actually paid Wenger by scoring the match winner in the FA quarter-finals against his old club and that was it for him. He got injured in 2016 and he spent almost the whole year in the doctor’s room. He returned early in 2017 but he suffered another injury. He did not play until later in the year. We hope the next one is not on the way.

At the time Wenger said: “Well, Welbeck bothers me now. He has already been out for me since March and for Arsenal since April, so that’s over four months, isn’t it? And now I hear it’s another six months, so I can only hope that Danny recovers a bit quicker and then hits the ground running”

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5. Luke Shaw- Manchester United


Luke Shaw signed for Manchester United and then injuries came to his house. He went out for six months with an injury in his first season at Old Trafford.  In his second season he started so well but before long again he got that bad injury against Hector Moreno of PSV in the Champions League.

The England defender was out for six months. Last season he struggled a lot under new boss Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese criticised him for not giving enough on the pitch. This season, he is having a good run of form and we hope he will stay on pitch for a full season for the first time since he arrived at Old Trafford.

4. Jack Wilshere-Arsenal


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is a usual customer when it comes to injuries. He has suffered ankle, foot, knee injuries among others. In 2016 he suffered a hairline fracture in his left leg. He was out for close to three months. He joined Bournemouth on loan last season but he also struggled to get a run on the pitch due to more injuries. In April 2017 he suffered another injury against Tottenham Hotspurs. The reports said the injury was not as bad but his season was over.

‘I’ve been in this position before, where I’m back on the pitch, doing a bit of running and all of a sudden something goes wrong,’’ said Wilshere.

‘I’ll be back when I feel ready but at the minute it’s going well.’

This season, he is back at Emirates and we can agree he is having a good run on the pitch. He is maturing and this is probably helping him to avoid the bad tackles.

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