Five Things To Know About Barcelona So Far This Season

Five Things To Know About Barcelona So Far This Season

2. Lionel Messi is the undisputed GOAT

given the fact that Neymar left for PSG at the start of the campaign and that Luis Suarez is not the player he used to be; the onus was once again on Messi to come good for his team and he has done exactly that; especially when the stakes couldn’t have been any higher than they were, like in the Clasico.

To put Messi’s performances so far this season in perspective, in 18 league game; Messi has managed an astounding 16 goals and 8 assists; which is one of the main reasons why Barca pretty much have one hand on the league title with half the season still to play.

1. Barcelona have evolved since the days of Pep Guardiola

There were times wherein Guardiola prioritized playing football the ‘right way’; rather than getting the ‘right result’ and that is not necessarily the way modern day football works.

Football nowadays is far more about getting the desired results as a team; rather than playing the game in a certain way. And a few years after Guardiola’s time at the club; Barcelona have not only come to terms with this fact but have also perfected the art of finding a balance between the two.

The Barcelona that we have seen so far this season is one which still has Guardiola’s fundamentals at its core; however, they’ve also seemingly learned that there’s always more than one way to skin a cat. This ideology that was planted by Luis Enrique during his spell at the club; one that Ernesto Valverde has taken to a whole different level.



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