Five Things To Know About Barcelona So Far This Season

Five Things To Know About Barcelona So Far This Season

Here are five things we’ve learned about them so far this season.

5. Marc-Andre ter Stegen is one of the best goalkeepers in the world

One of ter Stegen’s best attributes as a keeper is the kind of starting positions that he adopts; which then help him sniff out any possible counterattacks by the opposition. More importantly, this also helps Barcelona get away with the ridiculously high line of defence that they tend to play, at times during matches.

And the results have been there for all to see as the Blaugrana have conceded just seven goals in 18 league games so far this season.

With his impressive performances in goal in the first half of the season; ter Stegen has ensured that the defensive frailties that were once associated with Barcelona are officially a thing of the past.

4. Samuel Umtiti is key to Barcelona’s newfound defensive solidity

The Frenchman is a towering presence at the back for Barca and enjoys making a nuisance of himself for opposition strikers. Moreover, he loves throwing himself about for the team; just the way Puyol loved making his presence felt, back in the day.

Having made a mark for himself during his first season at the Camp Nou last season; Umtiti simply carried on from where he had left off this season, before his untimely injury.

And while it can’t be said that Barcelona have missed Umtiti during his time on the sidelines; given the kind of defensive solidity they’ve displayed during his absence; lets not forget the fact that Umtiti was the one who laid the foundation for incredible defensive record that Barca boast at the halfway stage of their league campaign.

3. Paulinho is NOT Neymar and hence, is perfect for Barcelona

Despite never being a natural goal scorer at any stage of his career before this; the former Tottenham Hotspur man has managed to pop up with 7 goals and 2 assists so far this season and this simply has to be the icing on the cake.

Paulinho and Neymar may be as different as chalk and cheese as far as their playing styles are concerned, but truth be told, the differences between the two run far deeper than that.

While Neymar has always wanted to hog the limelight in whichever team he has featured in so far; Paulinho seemingly just wants to help his team do as well as they possibly can while staying as far away as possible from the spotlight.

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