BROKEN ENGLISH IN ENGLAND: TOP Football Stars With the Funniest Language Mistakes

BROKEN ENGLISH IN ENGLAND: TOP  Football Stars With the Funniest Language Mistakes

English is not our language, and speaking it sometimes can be very frustrating. Here are some of the few Funniest interviews done with random football players and coaches.

6. De Gea

De Gea left Atletico in 2011 and after a tricky start has since developed into arguably the world’s best goalkeeper. Despite having stayed in England for long, Spanish is still his mother tongue, thus English a formal language.

*during  an interview*

Interviewer: “So Dea Gea, tell us about your family”. Dea Gea: “I have one kids and two brothers. There is one in front and one behind me.”

5. Yaya Toure

Formerly a defender, Touré is a complete and versatile midfielder, who can play in several midfield positions, is regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world. Though he is having a hard time with Pep, there is a time he was on fire.

*during  an interview*

Interviewer: “Yaya, you seem to have hit such a vein of form and you also appear fitter. What is your secret?” “Yaya: When I get up in the morning I run away.”

4. Arsene Wenger

Despite his dark ages lately, he used to be a fans favorite. Supporters regularly displayed banners such as “Arsène knows” and “In Arsène we trust” during home matches. And it is normal for a reporter to wish him a happy birthday.

*during  an interview*

Interviewer: “We just want to use this platform to wish you happy birthday”. Wenger: Oh oh thank you, thank you and the same to you.”

3. Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese manager is regarded by a number of players, coaches, and commentators as one of the greatest and most successful managers in the world. However, his accent has been subjected to a lot of vines on Twitter and other platforms; but a misreading a question? Really? This has to be the best.

*during  an interview*

Interviewer: “You have helped Chelsea to win this match, so where to from here?” Mourinho: “Ooh we are going home”.

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