TALLEST-2-SMALLEST: Top 5 teams in Premier League ranked by Average HEIGHT

TALLEST-2-SMALLEST: Top 5 teams in Premier League ranked by Average HEIGHT

Manchester City is the smallest team in Premier League today. The League leaders certainly don’t care about that stat because when it comes to the ground, they are the masters this season. Manchester United could not use their height advantage when the two teams met earlier this season. Today, we want to see which five teams dominate the height league.

5. Stoke City- 6ft 0.244 Inches

Stoke City management decided enough is enough last weekend after watching his team lose to Coventry City in FA Cup third round. Mark Hughes could not survive this time around. He was always a candidate and his time was up. Manchester United will face a different team on Monday next week. The fired boss just needed to make use of tall players in his team like Peter Crouch. His team has an average height of 6ft 0.244 Inches.

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4. Watford- 6ft 0.48 Inches

Marco Silva has been hot and cold so far this season at Watford. His team has given away most points this season from a winning position. They need to start parking the bus to protect their win when they are leading. The has the fourth tallest team in the league at 6ft 0.48 Inches.

3. Crystal Palace- 6ft 0.598 Inches

Crystal Palace is the most recent team to stop Manchester City. They almost defeated Pep Guardiola side but they missed a late penalty. Roy Hodgson has done a good job since taking over earlier this season. He needs to know that his team has the third-best average height in the League with 6ft 0.598 Inches. This is another area his team should take advantage of as the season gets hotter.

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