AERIAL DUELS MASTERS: Top 5 Most Dangerous teams in the AIR in EPL Today

AERIAL DUELS MASTERS: Top 5 Most Dangerous teams in the AIR in EPL Today

Premier League table is certainly taking shape in both ends of the table. Manchester City is currently playing in a league of their own far away from the rest on the table. Manchester United and Chelsea are crawling far away behind and Liverpool is shining but not moving up the table. Arsenal and Tottenham might just have to negotiate a Europa League spot. Today, we want to take a closer look at top five most dangerous teams in aerial duels in the division.

5. Tottenham- 51.8%

Tottenham Hotspurs is another small side in the Premier League. They have an average height of 5ft 11.73 Inches. However, when it comes to aerial duels, they are dangerous. They have a winning percentage of 51.8%. It is better than many taller teams in the division. This means Mauricio Pochetino tactics are working. Harry Kane and Fernando Llorente are the danger men.

4. Chelsea- 52.6%

Chelsea is not even among the top ten tallest teams in the Premier League this season. The Blues average height is 5ft 11.69 inches. However, when it comes to threats they pose in the air, the London side takes the fourth place with 52.6%. Alvaro Morata takes the biggest chunk of that because of his aerial threat.

3. Stoke City- 55.7%

Stoke City has a history of using tall players to win matches by bullying opponents. However, when Mark Hughes took over, he tried to change that bad reputation. He signed the likes of Xendan Shaqiri to bring the ball back on the ground. This worked for him in the last three seasons but not this year. He only needed to know his team is the fifth tallest with an average of 6ft 0.244 inches. They are also the most dangerous team in the air with 55.7%.

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