MIRROR TWINS: 7 Footballers And Their NBA Stars Lookalikes

MIRROR TWINS: 7 Footballers And Their NBA Stars Lookalikes

Finding two superstars who have got marching faces is not common. Everyone looks surprised when they see someone who looks like them. Today, we are going to take a look at footballers who really look like NBA players.

7. Aron Gunnarsson – Cardiff City / Chris Andersen – Cleveland Cavaliers


Did you know that one’s beard can totally change the way they look? Aron plays for Cardiff City. People got to know his name during Euro2016 when he was the Captain of the Iceland National Team. Chris, on the other hand, plays for Cavs and is known for his beards. Take a look at them and say if they don’t look like.

6. Willian – Chelsea / Elfrid Payton – Orlando Magic


Willian is a Chelsea star known for his afro. When you get to NBA’s Orlando Magic, You will find a young Willian called Payton. The only difference is that this Payton has got a baby face compared to Willian.

5. Filip Luiz – Atletico Madrid / Kelly Olynyk – Miami Heat


If you know about football and see Olynyk, you will immediately think about Atletico Madrid’s Filip Luiz. Their hairstyle might probably be a key point to tie up their looks. Kelly Olynyk is currently a Miami Heat player but last sean he was in the Celtics. Filip Luis is performing well in Atletico Madrid.

4. David Luiz – Chelsea / Anderson Varejão – Golden State Warriors


David Luiz and Varejão really look like and one can easily think that they are brothers. Well, they are not, but They are both Brazilians. Andy is a Golden State Warriors player as he left the Cavs last year. He holds the 2016 champion ring. Whereas, David Luis plays for English Premier League’s Chelsea.


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