TEN Most Lucrative Boot Deals in World Football

TEN Most Lucrative Boot Deals in World Football

5. Mesut Ozil

Brand: Adidas

Worth: £3.7m

Although it is unclear where Mesut Ozil will be playing football this time next year, with his contract at Arsenal set to run down by the end of the season, one thing that is sure is that the German will be wearing Adidas boots.

4. Cesc Fabregas

Brand: Puma

Worth: £4m

The Chelsea midfielder is again in Antonio Conte’s starting lineup and seems to be back to his creative best. The Spaniard has been on Puma’s books since his days as an Arsenal player, staying with them through his spell back at boyhood club Barcelona too.

3. Gareth Bale

Brand: Adidas

Worth: £4.1m

Adidas’ biggest earner when it comes to football boots, Gareth Bale is now in his fifth year in the Spanish capital following his record breaking move from Spurs and despite picking up three Champions Leagues in that time, he has not fulfilled his full potential.

2. Mario Balotelli

Brand: Puma

Worth: £5.1m

A surprise inclusion right at the top, the notorious bad boy of football, Italian striker Mario Balotelli, receives the second highest figure for wearing a specific brand of football boots, with Puma giving the former Manchester City and Liverpool man over £5m a year.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Brand: Nike

Worth: £6.2m

Ronaldo’s association with Nike is a long one indeed and it should come as no surprise that the Real Madrid superstar holds the most lucrative deal in world football for wearing the American sports brand’s boots.


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