STADIUM SHAME: Top 6 Clubs with LOWEST fans Attendance in EPL 2017/18 season so far

STADIUM SHAME: Top 6 Clubs with LOWEST fans Attendance in EPL 2017/18 season so far

Premier League table is shaping up nicely for some teams and badly for others. Manchester City will be happy so far but Tottenham Hotspurs and Swansea fans are not impressed. The truth is at the end of the season someone has to be relegated. We will have a champion and top four teams. Today, we want to take a closer look at lowest attendance recorded so far this season.

6. Manchester United- 74, 928 (Capacity: 75,643)

Manchester United iconic stadium Old Trafford has not been spared when it comes to low attendance so far this season. The Red Devils home lowest turnout so far is 74, 928 out of possible75,643. This means around 715 people have not bothered to come watch Jose Mourinho side play. UEFA Champions League clash against CSKA Moscow on Tuesday night was their 40 match unbeaten at the venue. So, the fans have no reason not to come out.

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5. Arsenal- 59, 377 (Capacity: 60,432)

Arsenal stadium was obviously full last weekend when they watched their side lose 3-1 to Manchester United. However, they have not managed to fill the venue in some matches. Their lowest attendance this season so far has been 59, 377 out of possible 60,432. ‘Wenger Out’ campaign has cooled down in the last few months, so they can’t be blamed for the fans no-show.

4. Liverpool- 52, 921 (Capacity: 54,074)

Liverpool constructed a new stand to accommodate more fans but it seems they are not aware just yet. The seventh largest venue by seating capacity of 54,074 has not been enjoying full house so far this season. Jurgen Klopp likes to hear a lot of noise in the Stadium. The German will not be happy to hear that as low as 52, 921 have turned out to watch them play. They certainly need to start entertaining.

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