MISPLAYED! TOP 5 Highest Scoring Premier League Defenders Of All Time

MISPLAYED! TOP 5 Highest Scoring Premier League Defenders Of All Time

The primary job of defensive players is to stop goals going in rather than score them. Since the inaugural Premier League season in 1992, a number of defenders have hit the back of the net, but only a few manage or managed to do so consistently.

5. Gary Cahill –27 goals

Chelsea captain and England international Gary Cahill is two-time Premier League winner, a Champions League winner and a Europa League winner. The club captain is an experienced robust defender who has scored 27 times during his Premier League career and is fifth on the list.

4. Ian Harte – 28 goals

Ian Harte began his career in 1996 with Leeds United and stayed at the club making over 200 appearances for the club, during his eight-year stay. The left-back was a quick and robust defender who loved to run down the left channel and add to the team’s attack.

With 28 goals all coming for Leeds in the Premier League, Harte established himself as one of the best full-backs at the time in the league.

3. Leighton Baines –32 goals

32-year-old England and Everton international Leighton Baines is third on the all-time list with 32 goals and is still active, not too far behind the top two on the list. The England international began his career at Wigan Athletic in 2002 and made his mark during his five-year stay with the club.

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