HELPING-HEARTS: Top 5 acts of charity by Cristiano Ronaldo

HELPING-HEARTS: Top 5 acts of charity by Cristiano Ronaldo

When you hear the name Cristiano Ronaldo, all you can think of is moments of brilliance and great goal-scoring records. Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved a whole lot on the pitch. But he has also been extremely charitable off the pitch.

Once in an interview, he said: “My father always taught me to help others, and you will get the double in return. And that’s what has happened to me really. When I have helped those in need, God really has helped me more.” Here are 5 acts of charity by Cristiano Ronaldo:

5. Ronaldo’s Ice Bucket Challenge

For those of you who know about the challenge, yes, a ton of celebrities and civilians took up the challenge. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, took it up, completed it, and then generously donated money for the cause. Ronaldo was nominated by Darren Fletcher to take the challenge and he did it in style.

He inspired a lot of people to follow suit by taking up this challenge, and also nominated Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne for the challenge.

4. Ronaldo personally helped a child in tsunami-hit Indonesia

In 2004, due to an underwater earthquake, a huge tsunami occurred and hit at least 11 countries, killing approximately 230,000 people. Amidst the chaos, Ronaldo saw a video of a young boy playing football in a Portugal jersey.

Ronaldo subsequently flew directly to Indonesia to help the victims there. He even paid for the child’s education and promised him a tour of the Sporting CP stadium. That kid, named Martunis, now plays for Sporting CP’s Under-19 team. A fine example of how Ronaldo’s generosity changed a person’s life for the better!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo donated one of his Golden Boots

Back in 2012, Cristiano Ronaldo sold his Golden boot. The reason was that he wanted to raise some money for some Palestinian children who were in need, at that time, in Gaza. He managed to raise a whopping sum of €1.5 Million by selling the boot at an auction and donated all the funds to schools in Gaza.

After he did this, all the people in the world were praising him as this was really a very good cause. The man really has a golden heart.

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