LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS: Top 5 Most Successful LEAGUES in UEFA Champions League

LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS: Top 5 Most Successful LEAGUES in UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is back on the screens tonight. The very best teams in Europe are fighting for a place in the last sixteen. This will be the second last Group match making it hard for all teams. Europa League spots will be up for grabs for teams finishing in the third position. Today, we want to look at the most successful Leagues in the competition so far in history.

5. Netherlands- 6 Trophies

The Dutch League has declined in recent years. However, history is still there for all to see. Netherlands has produced 6 UEFA Champions League winners. Ajax leads the way with 4 trophies. Last season League champions Feyenoord have also lifted 1 cup same as PSV Eindhoven (1).

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4. Bundesliga- 7 Trophies

The German League takes the fourth spot on the list with 7 trophies. Bundesliga clubs especially 5 times winner Bayern Munich are always up there challenging the best in Europe. Other winners include Hamburg and Borussia Dortmund who have won it one time each. The last time a team from the League lifted it was the Bavarians in 2013.

3. Serie A- 12 Trophies


Italian Serie A takes position three on the success list in UEFA Champions League. The League has lifted the trophy 12 times in history. AC Milan leads the way with 7 titles to their name. The San Siro giant has declined in the last few years but the new owners are working hard to bring them back to glory.

Others include the last winner from the League Inter Milan with 3 trophies. They last won it in 2010 under Jose Mourinho. Last season finalists Juventus have lifted it twice. They were hoping to stop Real Madrid in June this year but that did not come to be because they lost 4-1.

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2. Premier League – 12 Trophies

Premier League is five trophies behind leaders La Liga when it comes to European glory. English Clubs have lifted a combined 12 UEFA Champions League crowns. Liverpool leads the race with 5 trophies. The Reds won the last in 2005 in the famous Istanbul final.

Manchester United takes the second place with 3 crowns. They lost to Barcelona in 2009 and 2011 to miss on a glorious chance to increase their tally. Fallen giants, Nottingham Forest has lifted it twice, Aston Villa and Chelsea once each.

1. La Liga- 17 Trophies

Spanish La Liga leads the way when it comes to UEFA Champions League success. The most successful club in Europe is Real Madrid with 12 trophies. The Los Blancos have lifted the last 2 crowns to become the first club to do so since the trophy was re-launched in the 1990s.

Barcelona takes the second place with 5 trophies. The Catalan giant has lifted four of them in the last decade alone. They defeated Manchester United in 2009 and 2011 and then won it again in 2014. They started the charge in 2006 when they thrashed Arsenal. The total comes to 17 trophies.

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