WE OWE THEM: TOP 10 Best Premier League Strikers Of All Time

WE OWE THEM: TOP 10 Best Premier League Strikers Of All Time

The English Premier League rightly enjoys its status as one of the world’s best football leagues. Apart from the intense competition it offers, the English top-tier has a rich and bountiful history of players who have served it, since its inception in 1992.

10. Sergio Aguero –Man City

Goals: 130

League titles: 2

Individual accolades: 1 Golden Boot

The Argentinian has served as the arrowhead of the attack alongside David Silva and Yaya Toure, cementing his place amongst Premier League legends. In spite of his fair share of injuries, Aguero has already crossed the 20-goal mark in 4 seasons.

With the same rhythm, Sergio Aguero might as well win the crown as the Premier League’s best striker of all time.

9. Didier Drogba –Chelsea

Goals: 104

League titles: 4

Individual accolades: 2 Golden Boots

“Judge him when he leaves the club.” Jose Mourinho’s statement wasn’t wrong after all. Establishing himself as one of the best strikers, the Ivorian lived a fairytale that was quite unexpected of him. His artistry as a striker is unquestionable.

Years have gone by, yet the Premier League is waiting to see a big-game player as influential as the brawny Ivorian.

8. Wayne Rooney

Goals: 202

League titles: 5

Individual accolades: 1 Player of the Season

Whenever United experienced problems, the Englishman was always ready to fill in, displaying a rare sense of professionalism. Regardless of the countless debates about whether Rooney truly fulfilled his potential or not, none can refute the Evertonian’s claim as one of the greatest epitomes of the Premier League.

7. Andy Cole

Goals: 187

League titles: 5

Individual accolades: 1 Golden Boot

Ask any Manchester United who has seen the Andy Cole – Dwight Yorke combination blossom on the pitch, and they will tell you how brilliant the duo was. Andy Cole was a gifted goal-poacher; a proper fox-in-the-box.

Cole was one of the Premier League’s most famous journeymen, having played for seven different clubs in the English top-tier.

6. Michael Owen

Goals: 150

League titles: 1

Individual accolades: 2 Golden Boots and 1 Player of the Season.

It would have been so much better, had Michael Owen opted against moving to Real Madrid in 2004. Though the striker might regret that decision as much as we do, Michael Owen has enough under his belt to prove how world-class he was as a footballer.

Despite his unlucky fall down the spiral, the last English Ballon d’Or winner can certainly relax after establishing a legacy in the Premier League’s hall of fame.

5. Ian Wright

Goals: 113

League titles: 1

When you look at the legacy Wrighty left behind, it is really hard to imagine that the forward once found it tough to attract a top club; a condition that led him to join professional football late at age 22. The Englishman never finished with a single-digit goal tally in his Arsenal career, becoming the club’s top-scorer.

When Thierry Henry says you are the reason why he fell in love with Arsenal, it’s perhaps the best tribute to your greatness.

4. Eric Cantona

Goals: 70

League titles: 4

The rebel who became king, it’s no secret that Eric Cantona’s career was full of controversies but, they never seemed to affect him when he took to the football field. Also, it wasn’t just the importance of his goals. His dynamic presence had an overall positive effect at Carrington.

3. Rudd Van Nistelrooy

Goals: 95

League titles: 1

Individual accolades: 1 Golden Boot, 1 Player of the Season

Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were already nearing their respective ends at Old Trafford, and it was the time for the Flying Dutchman to set the Premier League alights with his talents. Rudd Van Nistelrooy had everything you would want in a legendary striker; vision, skills, precise finishing and good in the air.

Undoubtedly, the Dutchman will remain an immortal figure both in Manchester and the Premier League.

2. Alan Shearer

Goals: 260

League titles: 1

Individual accolades: 3 Golden Boots, 1 Player of the Season

Having Alan Shearer play in the black-and-white stripes is perhaps one of Newcastle United’s greatest achievements. A career that wasn’t as much illustrious as it should have been, the Gosforth-born striker is a living tribute to the art of scoring goals.

Regardless of the scarcity of trophies, Shearer’s goal-scoring exploits have done enough to elevate him to the highest echelons of the English top-tier.

1. Thierry Henry

Goals: 175

League titles: 2

Individual accolades: 4 Golden Boot, and 2 times Player of the Season

A World Cup winner at just 21, it seems weird how the Juventus directors tried to loan out the mercurial Frenchman to Udinese to make way for a certain Marcio Amoroso. Today, they will most certainly regret not heeding Carlo Ancelotti’s advice to let him stay.

Henry conquered the league in a way that no other striker has ever done. We don’t know whether the Premier League will ever see a lethal marksman of his caliber. But, for now, Thierry Henry rightly owns the crown as the league’s greatest ever striker.

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