PROFILE: Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leroy Sane

PROFILE: Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leroy Sane

With Manchester City playing so good in the Premier League this season, Leroy Sana has taken his game to a new incredible level. The 21 years old winger is slowly becoming one of Manchester City’s important players out on the pitch every week. Today, we’ve got seven things you probably didn’t know about Leroy Sane.

7. Sane chose only one area that needs improvement

Most of the time footballer, while talking about themselves, they don’t really talk about their weak spots and the areas where they need improvement. But Sane freely came out and said that there is always a room for improvement. “I need to improve on my right foot.”

6. Sane comes from a Sports family

Being a sportsman runs in the Sane family. Leroy’s mother and father have decorated careers in their respective sports. His mother, Regina Weber Sane, is Germany’s ONLY female Olympic medal winner in rhythmic gymnastics.

His father, Suleiman Sane, is a former Senegal international and played for several clubs, including Freiburg and Nuremberg. Sane is becoming a great footballer, following in his Dad’s footsteps.

His two young brothers are also on the books at Schalke and currently representing the U23s and U15 respectively. One day we could see Sane vs Sane on the pitch.

5. Leroy shares the same birthday with Jamie Vardy and Emile Heskey

Leray Sane was born on the 11th of January 1996. The City winger shares the same birthday with Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy and Emile Heskey, a former Liverpool and Tottenham star.

4. His favorite meal is Penne Carbonara

During an interview with 4-4-2 last year, Leroy was asked on the things he would give up in his rise to Etihad, Sane said: “you shouldn’t drink two liters of Coca-Cola every day, it was no problem for me! My favorite meal is Penne Carbonara”.

3. He has not won anything yet, at the Club or individual level

Despite having played for big teams like Schalke and Manchester City, you would be surprised to know that Sane has NOT won anything at a club or individual level. But with Manchester City seating 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League, Sane could add a league title to his accolades. Of course, if Man City continues running the show. It’s even only a matter of time before Sane wins some individual awards as he’s becoming a fantastic player.

 2. His ONLY hobby as a teenager was “the Ball”

There’s ONLY one thing that took the attention of Sane throughout his teenage years. That was “Football”. Though he could have had a lot of distractions during his teenage years, he decided he wants to focus on succeeding in football. With a quote: “I never wanted to be an astronaut. When I was 16 or 17, I didn’t go to parties. I had one hobby, the Ball.”

1. He got his name in the honor of his father’s former coach Claude Le Roy

Sane got the name Leroy in the honor of Claude Leroy, former head coach of his father’s playing days. Claude Le Roy, born in 1948, is a French football manager. He gained prominence at international level as a coach to Senegal and Ghana national teams, currently the manager of Toga national team.

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