FRAMED: TOP 5 Conspiracy Theories Of The Football World

FRAMED: TOP 5 Conspiracy Theories Of The Football World

Conspiracy theories are the only theories that can be applied ANYWHERE. Football, being a part of the anywhere, has also witnessed a lot of conspiracy theories attached to it. And here are some of the best of them.

5. Bad food

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham is among the topmost rivalries in the game. Prior to the 2016-17 season, Spurs had to take a journey to 1995 to witness the last time they had finished above the Gunners.  However, in 2005-06, Spurs came mightily close to finishing above Arsenal, if it was not for the BAD FOOD.

A day prior to their final game against West Ham United, many players fell sick after having a meal from the team hotel. And as every conspiracy theorist would go, people accused the head chef of being an Arsenal fan.

4. Nike’s Just Do It

There is a conspiracy theory surrounding the famous brand which takes the “taking things too seriously” quote to another level entirely. The 1998 World Cup was one of the best tournaments of the last millennium, and Brazil was the favorites to win the World Cup final by beating hosts France.

The day before the game, star striker Ronaldo Nazario fell sick and wasn’t supposed to play. However, Nike forced Brazil to play the then young striker who was sponsored by Nike. In the end, France, sponsored by Adidas, won 3-0 and lifted the World Cup for the first time in its history.

“Just do it” isn’t always good after all.


At one time in this century, Barcelona was the greatest team in the world. They were winning everything that came in their path. La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, you name it. However, they were often accused of being helped by the referees in high-profile encounters.

The fact that Barcelona’s semi-final win against Chelsea is still remembered for Tom Henning Ovrebo’s atrocious performance rather than how the teams actually played, is a huge testament in itself. People, especially Jose Mourinho, started to make up theories about Barca being helped by UEFA because of their connection with UNICEF.

2. 1958 WC was a hoax

This is a conspiracy theory that still makes people scratch their heads due to the extremity of the claim. The 1958 World Cup witnessed the genesis of the 17-year-old legend, Pele. The Brazilian made a name for himself and scored a brace in Brazil’s 5-2 victory in the final against hosts Sweden.

But here is the fun part: according to a Swedish historian, Bor Jacques de Waern, through a documentary released in 2002 named Konspiration 58, the 1958 World Cup was fake. The World Cup didn’t happen in Sweden, but rather in the United States of America as a part of a CIA experiment to test the power of televised programs over the masses.

1. Special agent Messi and Iniesta

According to a Syrian TV channel, the ability that Messi and Iniesta had in dribbles, were to hypnotize the viewers while giving away coded messages to Syrian rebels about arms smuggling. Apparently, the dribbling structure between the two and Pedro Rodriguez in 2012 revealed the best route to smuggle guns into Syria.

This was reported after the Clasico played in March that year; Iniesta begins a move and passes the ball to Messi who dribbles past a number of Real Madrid players; sets up the ball for Pedro Rodrguez who score. The whole move was said to have depicted the safest route of smuggling the guns from Lebanon to Syria. This is insane!

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