FOOTBALL LOVE : Top 5 Best FRIENDS of Lionel Messi

FOOTBALL LOVE : Top 5 Best FRIENDS of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi best friend must be his wife of two kids Antonella Roccuzzo. Today we want to go out and take a closer look at his close confidants on and off the pitch. He is loved by many across the globe but the five below know the Argentine better than all of us.

They are former and current teammates a good indication that he is truly a team player;

5. Sergio Aguero- Manchester City


Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi not only play for the Argentine national team but they are also very close friends according to close sources. They were in the same team that won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008.

When City defeated Barcelona at Etihad last season Lionel Messi was reportedly involved in a heated argument with a player not identified from the home side. He was said to be very furious and it is his friend Aguero who stepped in to cool things down.

Aguero said: “Whenever you lose you’re not very happy. I saw him there, he was feeling bad. I know him well enough to know when he’s bad when he’s good. But when you lose, nobody’s good!

“I thought Messi said something to me but he didn’t, and then we talked about other stuff. It was nothing serious. I heard something but I don’t know what happened.

“When someone loses you have to respect them. Leo wasn’t in the mood to talk and I respect that.”

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4. Luis Suarez- Barcelona


Luis Suarez is a natural forward. He works very hard to get the double figures of goals every season. When he moved to Barcelona in 2014, he found other players hungry for success like him and the bond formed naturally. Messi, Suarez, and Neymar or MSN as they are called are a massive threat to any opposition. They train and play together making their friendship even stronger.

3. Neymar- PSG


The close working ties and South America links must be the biggest bond that makes the friendship between Messi and Neymar so special. They used to train together every day as strikers at Camp Nou. The young Brazilian is obviously looking up to the Argentine for Inspiration as he looks to establish himself at the top. It was, therefore, a massive blow when the Brazilian decided to join PSG last summer.

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2. Cesc Fabregas- Chelsea


Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas is one of the closest friends to Lionel Messi. They both played together at Barcelona famous academy La Masia before the Spaniard joined Arsenal. They later linked up again when Cesc ditched the Gunners for Camp Nou. They have been pictured together many times in London with their girlfriends hanging out together.

In 2015 when Fabregas was asked whether he would like to see Messi join him at Stamford Bridge, this is what he said; ‘I wish! Why not? I’d love that to happen. I’d be all for it.

‘As a Barca man, I believe that Messi deserves to retire there for all that he has given the club.

‘He is a legend that has changed Barca’s history. But, as his team-mate and friend, without a doubt, I’d love to have Leo by my side.

‘This season Barca are Messi and 10 others. Messi has saved his team on many occasions.’

1. Dani Alves- PSG/Barcelona


They may not be in the same club anymore, but Lionel Messi has personally admitted that they have a very special friendship with Brazilian fullback Dani Alves. They played together at Camp Nou and given they are both from South America, their friendship blossomed.

Messi said:  “I’ve always been close with Dani Alves since we shared the right wing together when I first broke into the Barcelona first-team.”

“We’ve spent many years together, both on and off the field. Day-to-day, we’ve got a very strong relationship, which is also of a great help on the field; it means we understand each other’s games very well.”

Dani Alves currently plays for Ligue 1 side PSG.

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