MOMENTO: Top 5 FUNNIEST Moments in the last Decade in Premier League

MOMENTO: Top 5 FUNNIEST Moments in the last Decade in Premier League

The Premier League is celebrating 25 years since it was started in 1992. Manchester United has dominated the league winning 13 titles. Sir Alex Ferguson will certainly remain a legend for what he achieved during his 27-year-reign at Old Trafford. Today, we want to take a look at five funniest moments we will certainly not forget.

The focus today is the last decade between 2007 and 2017;

5. Gerrard 38 seconds Red Card


In 2015, the biggest match in English calendar was underway. Manchester United was leading the match 1-0 at halftime. In the second half, the then Liverpool boss Brendan Rogers decided he needed leadership on the pitch and Captain Steven Gerrard was the man.

The skipper had already announced he is leaving the club at the end of the season. He obviously wanted to go away on a high, with a goal against bitter rivals. He was introduced and his first touch was a stamp on Ander Herrera. The referee did not hesitate to send him off immediately after only 38 seconds on the pitch.

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4. Referee Marriner Red Card to the wrong Arsenal Player


In March 2014, Chelsea welcomed bitter London rivals Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. The match was not going well for the visitors. Eden Hazard was yet again calling the shots. The Belgian pulled a shot and with the goalkeeper beaten, it was going straight to the back of the net.

However, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain decided to stop it with his hands. The referee of the day Andre Marriner saw it and there was no doubt it was a red card. He went straight to his pocket but he called Kieran Gibbs. The left-back thought maybe it was a normal summon but he was sent off. The rest of the players could not stop laughing but the referee insisted he was the one. The game ended 6-0 in favor of the Blues, it must have been a great day for Gibbs after all.

3. Louis Van Gaal Super ‘Dive’ to demonstrate


In February 2016, Manchester United was playing their bitter rivals Arsenal. A referee decision had gone against the Red Devils and their Coach Louis Van Gaal was not happy. He tried to explain his grievances to the fourth official Mike Dean but his complaint was ignored. The Dutchman then decided to demonstrate what exactly he meant. He dived to the floor in front of him and the fans laugh about it to date.

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2. Gerrard costly ‘Slip’ against Chelsea


The only reason Steven Gerrard ended his career without a Premier League medal is that of his own undoing. The Reds legend came very close to winning it in 2009 under Rafa Benitez and 2014 in Brendan Rogers reign.

In 2014, the skipper told the team not to slip up in the title race. However, a few days later it was his famous slip against Chelsea that handed Manchester City the trophy. He slipped and Demba Ba was on hand to punish him with a goal.

1. Manchester Clubs Trophy exchange in seconds in 2012


Manchester United fans will not want to read this but everybody else will be laughing at them again. In 2012, the title was to be decided on goal difference because the two cross-town rivals had same points.

Manchester City had the upper hand in goal difference but they needed to beat relegation-threatened QPR. The Red Devils won their match away to Sunderland and the celebration started. At Etihad, the hosts were 2-1 down in injury time. The title was slipping away.


The visitors got a red card and then the comeback started. Edin Dzeko grabbed the equalizer and then on the last minute, Sergio Aguero did the impossible by scoring right at the end. The commentator shouted ‘Agueeeroooooooooo’ and the crazy celebration started. At Stadium of Light, it was tears, too close yet too far.

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