Five Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League Right Now

Five Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League Right Now

The Premier League is blessed with some excellent keepers. We have decided to rank the top 5 goalkeepers currently in the Premier League.

5. Jack Butland (Stoke City)

Stoke’s number 1 started his career at Birmingham City before a move to Stoke where eventually replaced Asmir Begovic in goal. Butland is a good shot stopper and his reflexes are top notch. His positioning has seen him make difficult saves look easy. In goalkeeping terms- he is the full package.

4. Tom Heaton (Burnley)

Heaton began his career at Manchester United where he made no first-team appearances. He moved around on loan to many clubs before signing with Cardiff City.

He is known for his quick reflexes in one on one situations and has particularly excelled in pressure situations. Heaton comes into the top 5 ahead of Petr Cech, who has declined ever so slightly in the recent years.

3. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea)

Courtois is still 25, learning his strides as a goalkeeper and is already considered to be one of the best goalkeeping talents in Europe. He has come into criticism occasionally for not having a better sense of positioning but his stop stopping ability and command in the box overwhelm the small flaws in his game that he can still iron out.

2. Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspurs)

Lloris is not a keeper constantly in the headlines but is more than handy when called upon. He is one who closes in on the attacker and makes it difficult for players to get the shot away. A great decision maker, Lloris is a collected presence in the Spurs goal.

1. David de Gea (Manchester United)

David De Gea has been voted the MUFC Player of the Season for three years in a row and has been named in Ballon ‘d Or shortlist this year.

De Gea’s quick reflexes and ability to distribute the ball make him a valuable asset to United. He single-handedly saved them many points over the last few seasons, having constantly been under pressure from a generally below-par Man Utd defence.



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