Five South Americans Currently in Premier League

Five South Americans Currently in Premier League

With the likes of Gabriel Jesus (Brazil), Alexis Sanchez (Chile) and Sergio Aguero (Argentina) currently starring in the Premier League; it seems like there has been no better time as a South American to be playing in England’s top flight.

Here then are five of the best South Americans in Premier League history.

5. Willian (Chelsea)

A fast, agile, hard-working and technically gifted player, Willian is known for his quick feet, acceleration, and explosive style of play; which allows him to dribble past opponents at speed whilst keeping close control of the ball; in typically Brazilian style, he has also been known to pull off feints and tricks; such as the elastic, in order to confuse and beat defenders.

4. Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool)

Coutinho has been absolutely fantastic throughout his Liverpool career and he does hold one individual title at least – the highest scoring Brazilian player in Premier League history.

The Little Magician hasn’t looked back since; becoming Liverpool’s focal point in midfield – particularly after the departure of Steven Gerrard – and he almost helped the Reds to a first Premier League title in 2013/14.

3. Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

The Chilean international has been brilliant for the Gunners since he made the move from Barcelona; becoming their key player – practically a one-man team at really low points for the Londoners – and their top scorer over the last three seasons.

Sánchez is a quick, creative and hard-working player with an eye for goal; who is known in particular for his energy, skill and work-rate on the pitch.

2. Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)

Jesus plays as a centre-forward, or as a winger or attacking midfielder; is renowned for his pace, skill, dribbling, finishing and work ethic.

A young and skilful forward is not only among the best players the Citizens have right now but also the one of the best Brazil ever had in Premier League.

1. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

He’s the highest scoring non-European in Premier League history; which basically puts him at the top of this list, and he reached 100 Premier League goals faster than any other player in league history outside of the great Alan Shearer; reaching the mark in just 147 games.

And yet he’s still humble, is never involved in any controversy, and he’s just two goals away from becoming Man City’s all-time leading goalscorer; all in just seven seasons.


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