FITNESS: The Eight Fittest Male Athletes In The World Today

FITNESS: The Eight Fittest Male Athletes In The World Today

Pro athletes are committed to staying in their shapes, avoiding poor performance. But some are more dedicated than others. Basing on many factors, including physical benchmarks such as strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, and power, and performances, here are the 8 fittest male athletes in the world today.

8. Conor McGregor – Boxing

Ireland’s superstar had a historic match against Floyd Mayweather. Canor became the first to hold two UFC belts at two different weight divisions at one time. This is due to his insane level of fitness and athletic abilities.

7. Wayde Van Niekerk – Track and Field, Sprint

No one jogs a lap around a track in under 44 seconds except Wayde Van Niekerk. Having broken Michael Johnson’s 400-meter world record while sprinting out of Lane 8 in the Olympic final in Rio, the South African sprinter is track and field’s next biggest star.

6. Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

Westbrook earned the 2017 NBA MVP after averaging a triple-double over the season. no NBA player had achieved this feat since Oscar Robertson in 1961–62. Westbrook has an impressive 7-foot wingspan, explosive speed, and stamina.

5. Odell Beckham Jr. – New York Giants (NFL)

The 5’11”, 198-pound receiver’s training includes plenty of intense footwork and resistance drills. He also does weightlifting, including jumping with the weight in hand and tossing and catching a brick in his hands.

4. James Harrison – Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

The 39-year-old Harrison spends his free time in a gym. Pushing, pulling or lifting an unreal amount of weight. Adding massage therapy and other recovery techniques to balance his conditioning workouts and keep his body in peak form.

3. Mat Fraser – CrossFit

After breaking his back in two places as an Olympic hopeful weightlifter, Fraser was told he’d never be able to lift again. But now he’s a two-time CrossFit Games champion, winning back-to-back Fittest on Earth crowns in 2016 and ’17.

2. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

What is there to say about LeBron that hasn’t already been said? Running faster up and down the court non-stop and dunking each time, the King James is the world’s best basketball player alive. All these are the results of his Workouts.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid (Football)

Probably the best footballer today, Cristiano has got an obsession with fitness. Check out his trademark six-pack and enviable quad muscles.

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