FIVE Interesting Facts That Would Make You Love Basketball

FIVE Interesting Facts That Would Make You Love Basketball

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports. The NBA is the most popular and highest level of professional basketball in the world. NBA players are the world’s best-paid athletes by average annual salary per player. But what makes this sport so special? Here are 5 facts that would make you love basketball.

5. Starting on the bench is not a problem as the substitutions are unlimited

Sometimes the limited number of substitutions may be a problem. Apart from the starting team, there are other benchers who need to play. What do you think happens when the team is done with subs and then one player gets injured? Or assume that the player’s lung gets to the point where it can’t stand running anymore. That’s why in Basketball substitutions are not counted. Every player on the bench would play anytime the coach needs their contribution.

4. There is no draw in Basketball

Fans come to the stadium looking for the victory. In the competition, you look for one of the two things: Either you Win or you Loose. It seems no fair when they go back home without smiling nor given up their joy. The draw doesn’t make things clear. Well, Basketball is special. There is NO DRAW. Two teams play and only one is the winner.

3. If you can run, you can score. No offside rules

Fans and players feel unhappy when the referee refuses a goal simply because the scorer was offside. Sometimes the player runs faster than the defenders but unfortunately, the whistle blows before he gets the ball: “grrrr… offside.” Well, in Basketball this rule has no value. NO OFFSIDE stories. Whether you run faster or stay in the half of the field alone, what matters is that you score.

2. Basketball attracts famous people more than any other Sports

Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Actors and all other entertainment icons like hanging out at the Basketball games. If you want to see your idols, go to the NBA Finals. Even football players who like entertainment, like Neymar, Cristiano, and Griezman, go there. Famous people even tend to dress like Basketball players in their video clips or real lives. Unlike other Sports, there are hundreds of songs related to basketball.

1. It’s full of fun and more entertaining (see Mascots & Pom-pom girls)

Basketball provides a whole lot of fun. You’ll never feel bored at a Basketball game, even if the game itself was boring or your team was too bad. Every NBA team has got their Mascot and Pom-pom girls to keep you busy with music and dances in the halftime. Besides that, at the Basketball court, you can socialize and meet other people with similar interests to yours. It is always fun to meet like-minded people.

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