TIKI TAKA MASTER: 10 Best QUOTES by Man City Coach Guardiola

TIKI TAKA MASTER: 10 Best QUOTES by Man City Coach Guardiola

English Premier League has a new football master. The man is Pep Guardiola. He succeeded Manuel Pellegrini at Manchester City. The former Bayern Munich and Barcelona tactician finished 4th in his first season in the Premier League. He has already instilled his style of football at Etihad and the fans love it.

Jose Mourinho also was known as ‘Special One’’ tends to get all the attention. However, the Spaniard has claimed his space and place in the League. Today, let us take a look at some of the best quotes by the Spanish tiki taka master.

Take a closer look at his 10 best QUOTES so far;

10. Performance on match day

‘I will forgive if the players cannot get it right, but not if they do not try hard enough’.

9. Best Player Ever

‘It has been an honor to be the Coach of the best player I have ever seen and probably the best I will see’ (Messi).

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8. Bayern Munich right back Philip Lahm

‘Lahm is the most intelligent player I have ever trained in my career.

7. Espanyol way of play

‘There are teams that wait for you and teams that look for you; Espanyol looks for you. I feel very close to their style of football.

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