LISTED: TOP 7 Of The Predicted Premier League Table 2017-2018

LISTED: TOP 7 Of The Predicted Premier League Table 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 Premier League season will be here before we know it and head of the big kick-off; A SUPER computer has predicted the Premier League table after five games. Scroll down to spot your team.

7. Tottenham –8/15

Tottenham are destined for a 7th spot finish simply from the fact they can’t keep a consistent run. Traditionally losing control of a title race is a sound prediction for this team. They got two wins in five games.

6. Newcastle –8/15

It’s a return to the Premier League for Newcastle; Benitez will attract great players to the club, and his shown commitment to the club is something, players, fans, and the media should relish in this team; two wins and two draws from their first five fixtures.

5. Arsenal –10/15

There’s a joke that goes along with Arsenal that the only place they finish is 4th. Plus Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, intending more on leaving than staying; Arsenal are good for fifth with three wins.

4. Chelsea –10/15

Level on points with Arsenal, here come the EPL champions. Defending a title is no easy task; we all saw Leicester City on the verge of relegation defending their title. Chelsea won’t have that issue, as they’ll be the best in London. They’re good fourth, with three wins and just one loss.

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