Five Players Who BETRAYED Their Manager

Five Players Who BETRAYED Their Manager

When a player falls out with their manager it can have a major effect on the rest of the team. Some players have great power on and off the pitch in their teams. Whatever they say or suggest will be respected no matter what. Here are five players who blindsided their managers.

5. Wayne Rooney – Sir Alex Ferguson

Back in the days when Sir Alex Ferguson was still the manager of Manchester United, Rooney once announced that he wanted to leave the team. Alex Ferguson last night accused Wayne Rooney of disrespecting Manchester United and betraying the faith he has shown in the player.

4. Lionel Messi – Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique

Obviously, Messi possesses great power behind the scenes of Barcelona. Messi told Guardiola: “Pay me a center and Zlatan on the Wing, otherwise, I won’t play”. And the Barcelona board what Messi was suggesting. In 2014, Messi went head to head with Luis Enrique. He started training alone after telling the board to choose him or the manager. In 2017, Luis Enrique announced that he won’t be the Manager of Barcelona the next season and didn’t want to say the reason why.

3. John Terry – Andre Villas Boas

According to football daily, Terry was the man behind Andre Villas Boas sacking. The Portuguese manager was not helped by talk of in-fighting between himself and a clutch of the club’s senior stars. “All the players care about Chelsea Football Club, the owner certainly does. Andre was very good – unfortunately we didn’t get the results.” Said Terry.

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