Four Reasons Why Neymar Move To PSG May Turn Out To Be A Bad Idea For Him

Four Reasons Why Neymar Move To PSG May Turn Out To Be A Bad Idea For Him

Barcelona star is on the verge of signing for PSG, with the French giants set to pay the release clause in his Barca contract; a mind-boggling €222million. Neymar’s move will not only be the biggest deal of the transfer window history. It won’t simply be the biggest football story of the summer. It is also leaving football fans all over the world dazed, scratching their heads and quite possibly questioning their entire belief system. Here are just a few of the reasons why this move may be a bad idea for Neymar.

4. The amount of grief Neymar will get from Barca fans

Till now, it is still too hard to understand how one player can worth over two hundred millions of money! But when it comes to Barcelona fans, it’s another story. The love they had for Neymar is falling apart and being replaced by hatred. The feel like Neymar has betrayed their trust in him and broke their hearts for money. Some started calling him “Gold digger”. It’s clear that the haters have multiplied. But on the other hand, he has got new fans from France.

3. It may backfire him

Although he would be the best-paid player on the planet, there’s no bigger loser in this transfer than Neymar himself. He would be leaving one of the biggest clubs in the world where he played alongside the best no. 9 and the greatest player on the earth. Both understood his game perfectly and counted him as a friend. There’s no winning mentality at PSG, but could Neymar add one? (Eg: They were incapable of winning Ligue 1 without Zlatan Ibrahimovic constantly driving them forward. Or remember when they lost 6-1 against Barca in the Champions League.)

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