Top 9 Practical Jokers In Football Today

Top 9 Practical Jokers In Football Today

Football is an excellent source of amusement. Some football players can bring hours of laughters to their teammates, especially during the training sessions. Those are the kind of players who always look joyful off the pitch, trying to make others laugh. Here is a list of top 9 players who are jockers.

9. Mario Balotelli – Nice


Balotelli is known as one of the players who like making jokes anywhere. Be it on and off the pitch, or in the trainings. He even goes beyond the limits and do things that can annoy his teammates sometimes. Should we say when he failed at putting bib on. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Balotelli will always do something stupid.

8. Franck Ribéry – Bayern Munich

Ribery is one of the most friendly players in Bayern Munich. He is mostly involved in humorous things that happen in the team. Including scratching teammates and act as if nothing happened, or traping staff members to make them fall down helplessly, and laugh at them.

7. Jürgen Klopp – Liverpool

Klopp is one of the best managers in this world today. One of the things that make him special, is the environment that he brings between him and his players. Imagine a Coach who feel free to jump on a player’s shoulders, and then run. But the thing is that, even the reporter like him so much because he makes them laugh a lot when answering their questions.

6. Patrice Evra – Marseille

It is hard to feel bored when you have Evra as your teammate. Evra could make jokes on everyone including Sir Alex Ferguson. Gerard Pique revealed that he misses the jokes at Man United training ground with Evra. The French defender like dancing so much that he usually post video on social media.

5. David Luiz – Chelsea

Wherever he gets, the first thing people get to know about Luiz, is his endless jokes. David Luiz is is always a livewire around the training ground and he’s always cracking the jokes. Luiz is mostly involved in all jokes that happens in his team, be it Brazil, PSG, or Chelsea. Luiz once joked that N’Golo Kante scores more goals in training than Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. Dani Alves – Juventus

The Brazilian has a different and fun way of viewing life and was always playful with his Barcelona teammates. He brought the team together with constant jokes and pranks during training, which translated to effective partnership on the field. He will be cracking jokes even on the bench, as well as on the coaches like Luiz Felipe Scolari.

3. Paul Pogba – Manchester United


Pogba is the best young midfielder in Premier League. He goes beyond playing,and reaches to the extent of jocking. He is always in a good temper with his teammates for his sens of humor. The king of dub is said to spend a half of his day cracking jokes with friends and people around him.

2. Marcelo – Real Madid

Marcelo is the only player who is never afraid to crack humorous jokes on Cristiano Ronaldo. Marcelo is merely seen unhappy. The only left back in the world to have more skills than some wingers is a comedy genius.

1. Eden Hazard – Chelsea FC

Eden Hazard is real practical joker! He is the king of jokes at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea players love Hazard for making their day with laughters. After the match between Belgium and Greece, Hazard stole his team mate Nacer Chadli’s expensive watch during a luggage check at the airport. He just wanted to pull a prank on his team mate but never considered the consequences.

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