Top 5 Things You Need To Know About THE NEXT RONALDO

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About THE NEXT RONALDO

Twenty-one-year-old Andre Silva is living the dream. He’s playing next to his childhood idol, representing Portugal in Russia; and has recently swapped the blue and white stripes of Porto for AC Milan. But where is the name THE NEXT RONALDO coming from?

The Portuguese is excellent at the point of the attack; he’s alert in his play, able to dart into space, turn defenders and fire shots off at goal. Andre Silva could be on everyone’s lips by the time the 2018 World Cup rolls around. Down are facts you must know about the upcoming Ronaldo.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Expectations

The man himself stated; “When I retire, Portugal is still in good hands. We have a great forward in Andre Silva.” When a football great claims you are the heir to his crown, you know you have a great chance of making it all the way to the top.

On the other hand, Silva claimed; “He (Ronaldo) hasn’t said it to me directly but I feel very proud to hear him say good things about me in the press. It’s very special for me to hear my captain speak about me like that. I feel very happy. I hope that I can live up to what Ronaldo thinks of me.”

4. Comparisons To Cristiano Ronaldo

It is not just Ronaldo’s statement that would worth “The Next Ronaldo” tag; as it should even be a biased judgment for a teammate to promote this youngster. However, there have been other comparisons, and his former youth team coach, Alexandre Silva’s statement will sound familiar.

“Andre has the capacity to play as an attacking spearhead but he is able to shine in other roles, too,” Alexandre Silva explained to Maisfutebol. “He has an incredible ability to change his speed, has good technique, plays with both feet easily and has an excellent scoring instinct. I’ve had hundreds of players on my hands, and this guy is special.”

There some other statements, but this one tells it all; plus his incredible capacity to train and try to improve himself all the time; it sounds like Ronaldo’s duplicate.

3. Humble Beginning

Just like Cristiano (once signed for £1,500 by Sporting CP), the beginning to Silva’s career was very humble. He started out with Salgueiros and caught the eye when he led his side to a shock 3-2 success over Porto’s youth team in 2010; they took him in for only €1000.

Alexandre Silva Confessed to Maisfutebol, that their shock 3-2 loss was all thanks to Andre. Porto had seen enough of the youngster to make their move; seven years now, he was sold to AC Milan at almost 40 million last week; just like Cristiano.

2. Andre is a big FIFA fan

Just like many footballers and his Idol included, Andre enjoys playing video games and FIFA in particularly; but is he any good?

Back in 2015, team-mate Ivo Rodrigues once laughed: “I’m always beating him on the PlayStation. Out of every 10 games we play, I win eight and it makes him cry!” Silva reacted: “That’s not true. We played a tournament the other day between all of us and I won it, having knocked him out in the Round of 16. He’s a big fibber; he’s rubbish on the PlayStation.”

However, as for today, he may not be pleased with his 74 rating in the game’s 2017 edition.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s perfect wingman

Cristiano Ronaldo finally got an attacking partner he can count on. Andre has been successfully teaming up with Ronaldo to give the European champions an impressive attacking force entering the Confederations Cup. Together, the young Silva and the veteran Ronaldo have scored 18 goals since they started playing alongside each other following Euros 2016; a perfect match.

On the Silva-Ronaldo goals-coring partnership Andre said; “I think the strength in our partnership on the pitch is (common) understanding. I know the things I have to do. Ronaldo knows what he has to do. The result of our understanding has been seen with the goals.”

The Portuguese is a constant danger on set pieces inside the area. He is cool and calm when he has chances in front of goal. The striker has already racked up seven goals from eight caps in an impressive start to his burgeoning international career.

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