NINE Most Handsome Footballers In The World Today

NINE Most Handsome Footballers In The World Today

After watching a football with a certain number of girls, Sokkaa took the time to ask who they believe the most handsome footballers are.

Here’s the list of their revelations, from Ander Herrera to James Rodriguez, scroll to see who else made the cut, and prepare a glass of water if you are a girl.

9. Ander Herrera – Manchester United

The Spanish midfielder Herrera who plays for Premier League giants Manchester United has charming good looks and he never looks bad in a photo, making him the ultimate female football fans’ man.

8. Olivier Giroud – Arsenal

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud was once named hottest player in the Premier League after a total of 250 American women were asked by Paddy Power to rank 300 players from England’s top flight and the dreamy Frenchman came out on top.

7. Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund

The Germany International is one the best attacking midfielders in the world, Besides his accurate passes and dribbles, Reus is also known as one of the most handsome football players.

6. Kevin-Prince Boateng – Las Palmas

The German-Ghanaian professional footballer who plays for Spanish side UD Las Palmas has won many hearts of female football fans thanks to his attractive facial appearance, good hairstyle and body building.

5. Gerard Pique – Barcelona

Four Champions League winning defender is a man for women of all ages, with his awesome smile and charming looks, he manages to appeal to both older and younger female football fans at the same time.

4. Robin Van Persie – Fenerbahçe

Even if he has not been at his best in recent seasons, Robin Van Persie is still regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation.

The former Arsenal and Manchester United man is an undeniably handsome star, female football fans absolutely love watching him.

3. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal

The German midfielder is an incredible handsome man who seems he’s very nice and has good manners, if you don’t believe me, ask female Arsenal fans!

Ozil catches girl’s attention every time he is on the pitch – tall, dark and handsome with intense eyes, they find his impeccable character as appealing as his hotness.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Many of the football fans know the four time FIFA World Player of the year as one of the best players football has ever graced, but a number of girls see him as the hot guy every woman would dream to have.

The Portuguese star has a great style, and very photogenic.

1. James Rodriguez – Bayern Munich

The Bayern Munich star was voted as the Most Handsome footballer in the World in our survey.

He is among the few footballers who continue to make many female fans watch football.

His handsome facial appearance, amazing hairstyle and the good body physique leaves girls asking for more.

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